Victor Velyan Bespoque Paraiba Pendant

Victor’s love of the arts inspired his ability to paint, sculpt and actually make jewelry with his own hands;setting him apart as a true artist.His quest to create a new concept in jewelry combined with his own artistic abilities led Victor Velyan to develop what he considers one of the greatest accomplishments of his career,–his Patina collection–which is also the most unusual component in his jewelry.

Victor Velyan Bespoque Pendant showcasing one of the largest Mozambique Paraiba’s in the world.  This one of a kind gem is framed by pave set Diamonds and Moonstones.

  • PARA 71.00cts (Laboratory Report Available)
  • DIA 2.45cts
  • MST 1.02cts

About Paraiba Tourmalines: In 1988 exceptionally bright colored tourmalines were discovered in Paraíba, Brazil. It was determined that they were elbaite tourmalines and the intense coloring was due to copper. They also contained manganese and often a bit of bismuth. In 2001, more copper colored tourmalines were discovered in Nigeria. Generally, the Nigerian gemstones were not as vivid as those from Brazil, although the range of colors did overlap.   A couple years later, still more copper bearing tourmalines were discovered, this time in Mozambique. Their colors are much closer to those of the Brazilian, but their chemical composition is much more complex.

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