Victor Velyan Green Turquoise Beads and Diamond Clasp Necklace SOLD!

Victor Velyan loves all things beautiful and rare! With this exquisitely designed necklace, he proves just that. Lime Green Turquoise is very popular for its bright color that stands out in Southwestern Jewelry. The lime green color also goes great with other colorful gemstones such as Coral, Spiny Oyster, Lapis, Sugilite and even Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Lime Green Turquoise is one of the most desirable colors in multi-colored Inlaid Jewelry as well. It is truly a beautiful gemstone and much so a rarity for its color.

Features lime green turquoise beads and a gold flower clasp with diamonds.

18K Gold
Lime Green Turquoise 103 cts
Diamonds 0.49 cts

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