Twirling Shimmer Rhodium Diamond Earrings by Neha Dani

Neha Dani has an uncanny ability to construct form with light. Neha’s use of light and shadow to emphasize her designs culminates into artistically beautiful and highly wearable jewels.

As unique as a snowflake, sitting pretty on bare twigs, a moment frozen in time. Featuring a spiral pattern that evokes the inner peace of a soul at rest, earth tones made up of brown gold and natural diamonds make up this one-of-a-kind jewel.

Twirling Shimmer Chocolate Rhodium and Diamond Earrings by Neha Dani

Set in brown rhodium-plated 18k yellow gold with 10.6 carats of pear-shaped and round brilliant diamonds.


DIA 10.36cts

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