Arunashi Tanzanite Paraiba Diamond Earrings SOLD!

Arunashi jewelry is unlike any you’ve seen. Designer Arun Bohra’s collection makes the case for a modern decadence via dramatic shapes and bold color.

Arunashi Tanzanite, Paraiba and Diamond Earrings

You can always expect designer Arunashi to break the barriers in the most elitist ways. Every piece is a work of walking art that is both provocative and elegant.

It’s a jewelers dream to have the rarest gems on earth combined as jaw-dropping earrings. Well, Arunashi did just that. Featuring the darkest hues of Tanzanite and brilliant greens of Paraiba, this look is priceless!

Tanzanite 16.10 cts.
Paraiba 8.23 cts.
Diamonds 1.94 cts.
18K Gold

Inquire About This Item

Inquire About This Item